Jackie Policastro

author. speaker. encourager.


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Where the redeemed tell their stories - tell yours today.


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where the redeemed tell their stories


Vocalize exists to encourage the redeemed to tell their grace story for God's glory.

Psalm 107:2a (NIV)

Let the redeemed of the LORD tell their story

Post your story on social media today with hashtags #vocalize #tellyourstory


  • Record your video via mobile device, tablet or computer or write out your story in a document or blog.
  • Try to keep your video length 2-5 mins or written story under 700 words.
  • Upload to social media with hashtags #vocalize #tellyourstory
  • Feel free to upload or copy your story to my social media accounts!

Tips for your story

  • Look up hashtags #vocalize #tellyourstory to check out the stories of others first.
  • Either tell your Salvation story or tell about a specific time when you saw God at work in your life. Scripture can be included.
  • Read Psalm 107 to help you prepare. Your story should describe your struggle, heartache, or despair and then should testify to God’s power and grace in your life. Your story should always point to God.
  • Relax. Be authentic. Don’t be afraid to share the depth of your heart.

Radio Work

Jackie Policastro has aired on Mars Hill Network which covers much of New York State and into Canada. Check out what she said on air via her Vimeo account.