Jackie Policastro

author. speaker. encourager.

Completely - a call to live fully surrendered

Who are you? What’s at the core of your identity?

Travel back in time to the lives of the world’s first children, Cain and Abel, to unravel the mystery of their hearts and identities. As the paths of two brothers diverge, you will unlock motives and intentions, witness the effects of pride and humility and weigh the consequences and rewards.

Take your own journey to uncover your true identity. Surrender your attempts to produce your own good works that leave you empty. Let go of your weaknesses which hinder your spiritual journey. Run to the cross where the grace, love and blood of Christ will cover you and the all-encompassing identity of God will complete you.

It’s time to fully believe in who God is so that you can completely live out who He says you are! Come reap the benefits of believing and surrendering… completely.

Jackie's Next Book

Jackie is currently writing another book on the subject of time. She believes God is the Creator of time and therefore Sovereign over it. She knows the more fully we believe God is outside of time, the more we will trust Him with our everyday moments! And the more we trust Him, the more we will beautifully reflect Him!

What we’ve done with our time is what we’ve done with our life.